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Divine Intervention

from The Lost Grimoire by Headless Relatives



On a cold winter's night as I sat all alone
One eye on the clock and one eye on the phone
I drank 'til the whiskey soaked into my bones
And I prayed for divine intervention

As into the glass I continued to sink
I trusted myself not at all for to think
For it is well known that the more a man drinks
The less he knows his own intentions

I ran a hand over my stubbly
Trying to bring to mind your last warm embrace
But the loneliness swelled to fill up the space
And I found myself utterly smothered

I'd spoken to friends who were honest and true
But we all knew there was naught they could do
For my mind was filled only with anger at you
And kind words seemed a forgotten language

An so as I sat trying to drown out my tears
And reckoning up all my follies and fears
A thought it arose both frightening and clear
And I swear that the shadows were dancing

I locked all the doors and I turned off the lights
And let myself embrace the absence of sight
And as the wind howled outside I gave into the night
And I found my divine intervention


from The Lost Grimoire, released November 23, 2018
Trad. - music

S. A. Biskind - lyrics, mandolin, vocals




Headless Relatives Troy, New York

Headless Relatives play songs. These songs feature desperate individuals, bittersweet memories, and ancient Egyptian gods. Some of these songs can be found here.

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