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Starvation Row

from Apocalyptic Hymns by Headless Relatives



The hunger is a beast
Howling at the moon
Its rage only increases
We know that very soon

Its jaws will come unhinged
Its teeth will catch the light
Of the cold unfeeling stars
That watch us in the night

What doesn't kill us makes us quiver
It's bound to have another go
We all just shake and shiver
All along Starvation Row

They tell us we'll be stronger
If we face the beast and win
Though its claws may scar our bodies
It will eat away our sin

And we try hard to believe them
Even as we watch our friends drop like flies
When truth's impossible to bear
We seek refuge in the lies

Our strength's been sapped away
We have nowhere to go
We'll all fall one of these days
Here on Starvation Row


from Apocalyptic Hymns, released March 5, 2021
Seth Biskind - Rhythm acoustic guitar; bass; vocals; organ
Mike Smith - Acoustic guitar




Headless Relatives Troy, New York

Headless Relatives play songs. These songs feature desperate individuals, bittersweet memories, and ancient Egyptian gods. Some of these songs can be found here.

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