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Brotherhood of the Blue Worm

by Headless Relatives

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Sleep all day Do my work at night When all of the judgmental eyes Are shut up tight Put on an old tattered coat And a wide-brimmed hat Wrap up my face with a scarf Leave food out for the cat The moon is bright tonight It's a mixed blessing When you find comfort in shadows The light can be distressing Trudge out to the graveyard Seek out the fresh earth One of these days My creation will have its birth Later on in my rooms Try to steady my hands As I stitch these new components Onto the one I hope will understand When the thunder rolls I flip the switch Energy crackles around me I see the creature twitch My new friend Rises from the slab Giving color To a world gone grey and drab
I am watching as the truck pulls up See you unloading your possessions If you really think this house is yours I'll have to teach you all a lesson You've signed your papers You think that gives you dominion But I've been here for centuries And I will disabuse you of that opinion I wait 'til you're sleeping peacefully Then I start my performance Fling your pots and your pans around Conduct the metallic chorus You can try to rationalize Shield yourself from the truth But I will wear you down Until you can't deny the proof And I'll be watching as the truck pulls away Laugh at your hunched frames As you give in to the inevitable Surrender all your claims This house is mine From the roof to the foundation This house is mine And I will brook no infestation This house is mine This house is mine
Sneak out my window When the lights go dark Stalk the empty streets On my way down to the park Look at the quiet houses Imagine the secrets they might hold But I know I'm stuck here On the far side Of the threshold I hop the fence To the field of headstones Walk lightly across the ground Seeded with old bones The waning moon pokes its head Above the mausoleum Where I go to be alone With my thoughts And with my demons In my lithic lair I huddle on the floor Alone with the dead I don't have to pretend anymore Hiding from the light Running from a thirst that we can't slake Children of the night What sad specimens we make Hiding from the light Running from a thirst that we can't slake Children of the night What sad specimens we make
Late nights Driving up I-85 As I accelerate I start to feel alive Pump up the volume Crank up the bass Your first solo record Is my saving grace I roll the windows down And I sing along Your dark world is Where I belong I'm at work When I get the news An undiagnosed illness Took you from us too soon I break down crying I don't care who hears I weep as if I could heal you with my tears Cut adrift I don't know how I'll go on Your dark world is Where I belong My friends don't understand You were more than a singer Riot of Worms was more than a band You lit my way Through your life and through your songs Your dark world is Where I belong
The Ossitect 03:37
I buy my materials online I don't get out much these days Each new arrival is cataloged Every item has its place The backyard is slowly disappearing As my sculpture evolves and grows Each new piece attached with copper wire Moves it closer to its end Though what that is I don't know I can't explain the impulse There's no rhyme or reason I can divine But each new femur or phalange I affix Seems part of some celestial design I don't expect anyone to understand It confounds me too But I know this sculpture of bone and wood and metal Is the most important thing That I'll ever do I'm sipping scotch and soda when I hear the voices Of my neighbors gathered just beyond the fence My sculpture's grown too much to be a secret anymore I prepare my defense So bring on the HOA Bring out your bylaws and your statutes But I will stand my ground And fend you off one by one If I have to
We are few in number But we are strong in spirit And we spread our message To any who have the ears to hear it You can mock You can scoff But beware If you write us off 'Cause He's coming We don our sacred robes We've waited far too long to falter And we raise our voices As we join hands around the altar The air is thick With power As we draw nearer To the hour When He's coming All wrongs will be Set right When He erupts Into the night We will sit and watch As you flee When He finally comes To set us free When He comes


Six new songs written during October 2020 around a loose Halloween theme.


released October 31, 2020

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Headless Relatives.




Headless Relatives Troy, New York

Headless Relatives play songs. These songs feature desperate individuals, bittersweet memories, and ancient Egyptian gods. Some of these songs can be found here.

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