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by Headless Relatives

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Visitor 03:48
Not all visitors are invited But I would suggest that you don't try to fight it Because I've adapted to latch on Once I've arrived I'll never be gone I mean you no harm but accidents happen Once I grab on my grip never slackens I know my presence is invasive And I know my answers are evasive But I promise to minimize the pain I don't mean to cause inordinate strain I need to survive I hope you understand Though both of our lives have not gone to plan I'm trying to explain but you won't listen Too overcome by your new condition I'm dedicated to making this work If you'd just refrain from going berserk I don't want to go through this again I don't want to lose another new friend
He taunts the harpers every day Screaming out things I'd rather not say He taunts the harpers every night He's always looking to start a fight I don't know what he hopes to gain He pesters the painters while they're at work Throwing things at them he's such a jerk He pesters the painters while they're trying to sleep Shouting out numbers while they're counting sheep
Homesick 2 02:05
I spend hours every night Alone on the roof In search of the light In search of the proof That I'm not just An outcast That I'm not alone That somewhere Beyond my sight I have a home I browse missed connections Hoping to find my true kin I broadcast directions To guide them in So someday They'll find me And they'll take me along Far from this Strange world where I've never belonged
Too many mystics gathered here Too many mystics drinking beer Too many mystics trailing sand Too many mystics heckling the band Too many mystics lining the walls Too many mystics scratching their balls Too many mystics singing too many songs Too many mystics telling me that I'm wrong I don't care what they have to say But they insist on telling me anyway Too many mystics here tonight Too many mystics picking fights Too many mystics with unkempt hair Too many mystics with their calloused feet left bare Too many mystics passed out on the floor Too many mystics shouting for more Too many mystics with pissed-stained robes Too many mystics all over the goddamned globe I don't care what they have to say But they insist on telling me anyway Too many mystics day after day Too many mystics who won't go away
Walk-On 02:37
Faceless shadow at the back of the bar Distorted syllable from a passing car Half-faded portrait of a ghost from the past Badly-etched image on a sunken mast Is this my destiny Just a supporting player In someone else's story Static figure Part of the scenery Deriving my worth from my utility Just a shell plot device wrapped in skin No sooner departed than forgotten Brief diversion to break up the day Mile marker along the highway Is my role just to disappear So that someone can find Their way clear Or maybe it's worse Maybe I've misunderstood Maybe I'll find that I've done more harm than good
Walk down by the river The sky is grey And I have nowhere To be today The trees are alive With a murder of crows My own decay Assaults my nose Maybe I'll lie down on the grass Embrace my own end And become a feast For all the crows in Portland Breeze off the river Brings blood to my face As I stand despairing Of this human race Empty old buildings A village of tents Inadequate shelter Paltry defense What new misery waits for us Just around the next bend I'll blindly follow my guides All the crows in the Portland Fire rains down Half the world away Children hide underground Just to see the next day What use are my words In a dark and hostile world It's not much of a message But it's what I can send May it fly on the wings Of all the crows in Portland


Six songs recorded quickly


released June 18, 2022

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Headless Relatives.

Headless Relatives is Seth A. Biskind




Headless Relatives Troy, New York

Headless Relatives play songs. These songs feature desperate individuals, bittersweet memories, and ancient Egyptian gods. Some of these songs can be found here.

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